Second Life | Week 11.

Today was our presentation day. John had a guest come to today's class to evaluate the presentations with John. Her name was Locks Aichi. The groups each presented a different way whether it was a video on YouTube, slides on Slide Share or teleporting to a new location.

For our presentation, Assessi introduced our topic and gave a link to a youtube video which is an animation that strongly relates to our topic about careers and professions in the future and how certain jobs will cease to exist due to professions converting to an online presence.

Link to YouTube video:

The last job on Earth: imagining a fully automated world | Guardian Animations

After the video ended, we continued our presentation. Ciara introduced and spoke about the pros to online banking, Jenny introduced and spoke about the pros to travel agencies and I introduced and spoke about the pros to post offices having an online presence in the future. Eva spoke about the con…

Second Life | Week 10.

In this weeks class, John talked about the different ways to do the presentation on second life. He also answered any questions regarding the presentations next week. John also showed the class how to upload images into SL by creating a square and then flattening it to create a screen and placing an image onto it. However, to upload images onto SL you needed money. John transferred some Linden dollars to anyone who needed to upload images. He also made everyone a "module participant" to whoever wasn't already.

John speaking to the class on week 10.
John showing the class how to upload images onto SL.
After class we then had a group meeting. We thought it would be best if we uploaded our presentation onto Slide Share like John mentioned. Jenny suggested we should upload three images representing the three topics we will cover in the presentation which are banking, post offices and travel agencies. We agreed to meet up again on Tuesday to run through our presentation before …

Second Life | Week 09.

I couldn't come to this weeks class but I was able to meet up with the Mauve group after. Jenny was online and we waited for the others to log in. Zoe was having problems with her laptop so she was unable to log into SL. However, we said we would update her on the Facebook group chat after the meeting. Ciara and Assessi got online and we started our meeting. We decided to divide the slides between us so each of us will have a topic to cover for the presentation. Assessi was happy to do the introduction, Ciara was happy to cover the banking topic, Jenny covered travel agencies, Zoe was chosen to do the conclusion and I was happy to cover the topic on post offices.

Mauve group meeting week 9.
Jenny then posted our assigned roles to our Facebook group chat. This made everything very clear for our group members.

Mauve Facebook group chat.

Second Life | Week 08.

The Mauve group was going to meet in SL after class. However, Assessi couldn't make it so we decided to meet up on Monday instead. We met up at 8pm I logged into second life and no one from our Mauve group was online. I logged off and came back on and Zoe and Jenny were in the DIT classroom. We waited for more on our group members to show up. Assessi messaged on our facebook group chat and said her laptop was broken so she couldn't come onto SL. We decided to have the "meeting" on our facebook group chat instead to accommodate everyone.

On the group chat, we tried to think about careers and professions that will change drastically in the future. Jenny suggested banks and post offices while Assessi suggested travel agencies. We then all contributed as a group the pros and cons to each career sector if they were to move to an online presence in the future.

Our mauve group chat on Facebook.

Second Life | Week 07.

I was not able to attend this weeks class but I caught up with the help on John's summary on the module website. For this week we are asked to write about any updates or progress relating to our group project. Our Mauve group was supposed to meet after class however I was also unable to attend this meeting. The meeting did not go through.

Assesi then asked for our emails the next day so she could create a Google slides document. I was happy that we were finally getting a start on the project.

Mauve Group on Google Slides created by Assessi. 

Second Life | Week 06.

We began this class by discussing personal branding. John asked us to consider our own online identities. This was very interesting as we had to reflect on ourselves. We talked about how posting on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc creates an 'online persona.' We also spoke about the need for compatibility between real life and online personas.

Personally, I don't take social media very seriously. I rarely post but when I do it is often a reminder of a good moment or experience. In today's world, social media is now a job/career and quite business oriented. Heavily oriented towards brands promoting their products and people trying to become famous. Which really takes the fun out of it. It leaves people with unrealistic standards and views in life.

In this post we are supposed to discuss how we might convert our personal presence online into an identity for professional networking. I feel like this is a lot easier to do with platforms such …

Second Life | Week 05.

This weeks class was moved to a Wednesday instead of a usual Thursday. Either day suited me so I didn't mind. John further discussed the brief. Which made the brief a lot clearer.

John then carried on to discuss the reading from last week which was how tools have an impact on people and society. I found this to be quite an interesting topic. We talked about how tools can be an extension of yourself and how you can choose what you do with it. That being either positive or negative. This was really profound and deep.

During class week 5.
Our group didn't meet up this week on SL. However, a few points were made about the project in our Facebook group chat.